“Branches are cut. Leaving grieving leaves tormented by the loss of their brothers, mothers, their kindred. The rotting aftermath feeds starving roots and sorrow begins the revolution. Death begets life as the Mother strengthens and fortifies the soil, deep within. The AIR sends soothing clouds of rain, while the sun and moon patiently, lovingly, calmly observe the birth of millions upon infinite millions of new cycles. Their design… infinitely perfect.”


You were my AIR. Thank you.



Enjoyed the hike so much… I would love more advice about minimalist lifestyle. Thank you for everything.


“Really enjoyed the walk and bathing. Always stay surefooted and many happy and blessed journeys.” -A

“Thank you so much for taking the time to help me on my journey. I really appreciate your patience, gentleness, and willingness to ‘meet me where I am’. Your time and words meant so much. I am looking forward to my journey of healing.” -M

“Thank you so much for sharing your love & knowledge of the forest with us. Being here has allowed us to reconnect with each other and with mother Gaia. We feel honoured to have shared a morning with you.” -R. and family


“I had the best day ever! Our walk was the highlight of the stay. You are a very gifted person. I wish you the best in life. Hugs!!” -J.M.