Shinrin Yoku Healing Adventures

Nicholas would like to introduce you to the Forest.

Shinrin-Yoku is the Japanese term for Forest Bathing. This gentle path to wellness has been shown to boost immunity and energy levels, decrease blood pressure, stress hormones, and inflammation, as well as promote awareness. For more information on the science of Shinrin Yoku, visit


He will provide information on the history of the region, the flora and fauna you may encounter, and stories relating to the Magic that has been imbued by the faeries and elves through the ages. Each walk will begin with a grounding activity, physical warmup, and sensory awakening movement meditation. There will be a variety of paths to choose from, each one leading to a sacred site of wonderment and awe; Let your Spirit guide the way! All of our sites (Faerie Falls, Elf Pools, Ancients Cavern) can be seen in one outing if desired.

1. Take It Easy: At less than one-mile in length, this walk will stay close to the sanctuary and explore the creek bed. Perfect for the elders and differently-abled members of our human tribe.
2. The Whimsical Walker Creek: There is a story in every glimmering vibration of water; and that’s just the surface. This mildly strenuous walk will explore the elf pools and ancients cavern along the creek while Nicholas spins a tale of the healing power of the forest. Bring the kids along!
3. Faerie Falls: One of our most popular spectacles, the Faerie Falls is a short, but arduous, journey. Only via sensory awakening Shinrin Yoku might one be able to detect the magic of the Fae.
4. The Spirit Loop: “The beauty of the natural world intensifies with the effort it takes to seek it out.” This strenuous hike will take us up, up, up the mountain and back down to the cavern for a brief spiritual ceremony of gratitude. Be sure to bring the spring water.

“I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits unless I spend four hours a day at least sauntering through the woods … absolutely free from all worldly engagements.” Henry David Thoreau

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