What is Your Resistance?

I recognized that I was resisting the system of society as it currently stands. Not a person or an object or an entity, but a Way of life.


Walk the Streets

He crossed the canal at Kensie Street and enjoyed the view along the two kilometer hike from the greyhound station to the all night diner. He had hoped to find a few more spots like that during his walkabout, and as it turned out, the Chicago streets would not disappoint. Leaning against the rail he noticed he was alone amongst the millions. The reflection of city lights sparked the surface of the canal like a gunpowder art being lit. A nearby sidewalk mimicked the affect with what appeared to be glass flecks in concrete. The lights lit neurons that intoxicate the souls desire to run with the wolves and giggle with glee at a life containing so much potential energy. Even though he was connected by love to a state vector that could never collapse in the far-away sage-steppe, by the mighty Columbia river, he still wanted to dance. A three step! Preferably with a graceful creature whom isn’t afraid to be dipped deep – wetting their hair in the surface of waves where the emotions of the present moment can’t help but make you smile. The ephemeral present that will end as quickly as it begins, begging for us to chase it down again and again while wisdom dictates the truth that feelings will only come through inaction. Once again, the stillness of a peaceful mind illuminated his way forward. Life isn’t meant to be a struggle, he thought aloud. The chase had ended.