Arrival at the Mountain Light

Tuesday Night, June 5th
I was well greeted upon arriving at the Sanctuary. Michael Lightweaver showed me around the facilities and discussed the potential areas for me to sleep. Because it was already past 7pm, I chose to stay at the Merlinwood shelter out of convenience. The other options all required a bit of love in order to make them suitable for slumber. I showed cousin Bill around the property and saw him off before setting myself up for a nights sleep. My spirit totem was instantly at peace. I was even greeted by an enormous brown spider at least the size of a black walnut. I took that as a sign that my shadow was getting comfortable, ready to gorge on the insects of the region and keep me from getting bit! However, it still freaked me out to see such a large creature, so I gently persuaded her to the outside world. As I reflect on it now, there was a similar experience the first night of my stay at Zaiana in Gargano with Johannes. There was a large spider that greeted me that night as well. We spent time together overlooking the sea and stars.
Michael gathered the team for a staff meeting at about 8:30pm and rambled on a bit. I get the impression that Michael tends to do that 😉 haha. However, it was good to get to know Yama, Paa, Omni, and Michael. These are the faces that will be a constant throughout the summer as guests flow in and out – masculine souls to which I can stay grounded. It’s an interesting and different vibe from my last visit when Tamatha and Addison were here. The women had a potent and chaotic energy that involved lots of talking without saying much. The men bring a more grounded feeling. While Omni is certainly a talker, Yama balances him out with silence. Paa, like myself, turns it on or off at will. Communication is a tool for him, as I believe it is for Michael. Perhaps this is simply a difference between the mature and immature masculine. Both Omni and Yama are younger. Paa and I share the same amount of time on the planet and Michael is quite a bit older. Regardless, I will get to know these men during my time here.
Sidenote: I am using the term ‘Masculine’ even though this gender nomenclature feels outdated and incorrect given the genderless future I envision. However, for now, it will have to suffice. My apologies to those whom view the rhetoric of humanity in a different light, I mean no offense. As I continue writing these posts, I’m sure the concept of energetic balance will develop in alignment with my belief that each of us possess aspects of the socially constructed gender norms that make us all human being. Finding new ways to discuss such issues without resorting to age-old rhetoric is challenging. I will work towards more clearly defining my meaning. Thank you for your patience as I find my voice.