Doing my Best

I’ve not posted many controversial thoughts over the past few years. So, for those that haven’t known me for a long time, I used to be a relatively outspoken activist (and also a hypocrite – forcing myself to live in the current instantiation of society).
However, in order to heal from a variety of maladies, I’ve needed to restructure my emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual worldview without anger, hate and fear. Or at least, limit the anxiety only to what is absolutely necessary for survival during this particular time, on this particular planet, of abundance. I needed to escape the scarcity mindset. 

I could make lots of money designing ‘defense’ systems as an engineer, or ‘marketing’ businesses to be successful in the capitalist world as a web designer but, I live the way I do because the future of life on this planet is in the hands of narcissistic sociopaths – and that includes so-called ‘conscious/ woke/ authentic/ spiritual/ leftist/ activist/ agrovist/ etc’ folks – Check yourself. Don’t be a toxic virus – selfcare alone won’t save us. 
The environment, our souls, my emotions, their bodies, his thoughts, her life, depends on all of us understanding what it means to actually ‘care’ about something more than ourselves. 

We are one.
Let’s act like it.
Respect boundaries – but know when to challenge them.
Give a voice to those who have none.
Recognize and Use your privilege wisely.
Be aware of the Consequences of your decisions.
Intentions aren’t enough.
Limit the pain and suffering you cause.
Be grateful for each moment of Bliss.
To change everything, Start anywhere.
Learn how to Love, and be Loved.

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