I Am

I call myself a Human and a Healer. What is it I am trying to heal? The sickness of society; the love of power; the drive to destroy the planet; the soul-loss of traumatic experiences; the emotional, spiritual, and physical pain that teaches us necessary lessons but, that can be healed with Love.

Welcome to my digital presence all of you fellow nomadic intergalactic wizards of Laniakea. Here is a little bit more about the five kinds of crazy that are currently manifested in this person I am.
I’m a simple professor of the stars, and a student of the Earth. I provide Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing sessions, Personal Guidance, Handpan Sound Healing, and Animal Spirit Card Readings. Here on Earth, Love is important, and not just to humans, but for life of all forms. Even the simplest of creatures, and arguably inanimate objects, require Love to exist.
I am a shapeshifting wizard :: I am but one olive tree in grove of my ancestors :: I have the spirit of the grey wolf, the pica pica magpie, the red squirrel and the hobo spider :: I am a nomadic intergalactic delusional illusion of the space between particles that transcends gender and provides confluence :: I am a largely useless primate with a few thousand words that loves to giggle :: I am a Yellow Magnetic Seed and a Multipotentialite :: I am a bipolar tourettic with visions of just how amazing the future can be. :: I have come to realize that shining my light during these dark times is essential :: I am a skeptical romantic that becomes intoxicated with color but understands the soup of electromagnetic and gravitational vibrations interacting with synapses in the folds of an organ that creates the consciousness we experience can lead to strange and unbelievably amazing sensations of both Bliss and Pain :: I enjoy spending time with authentic human beings while we work towards creating the awesome world we all know is possible because we dream about it in our nightmares :: I am a water dancer ::
I am Human :: And I will always love you.

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