Join us at the MOCD.org on November 3rd for Forest Bathing, Medicine Music, Wisdom Circle and more!

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Gather in the Great Smoky Mountains’ Happy Valley for a special autumn journey into the practice of Japanese forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku) and Ecstatic Dance. Our guest forest guide Lui Lupo will lead participants through a full day of opportunities to fall in love with Earth and connect with one’s truest self.

~ Begin the day with meditation, medicine music and spoken word.
~ Our Wisdom Circle will include greater connection with Lui as he shares his personal spiritual journey. He will also teach us about the benefits of Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing).
~ Practice Shinrin Yoku during a guided walk to a forest tea garden. Enjoy a tea ceremony, one-to-one guidance sessions and an animal spirit card reading. There will be ample time for personal reflection and journal writing in the forest.
~ The evening will feature an Ecstatic Dance, which is a meditative form of movement, to further draw us to connect with nature. Followed by a bonfire, intention and gratitude ceremony, spoken word, medicine music and mantras.

REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spirit-walk-earth-dance-tickets-50938262715

What’s included: We will provide a health conscious bag lunch, assorted teas and at dinner we will supply soups and salads.
A basic animal spirit card reading and one-on-one guidance with Lui is included, however, arrangements can be made with Lui for anyone called to dive deeper.

All taxes & fees are included in your ticket price.

What to bring: A dish to share at the community dinner. Any personal comfort items such as a blanket, walking stick, personal journal, etc. Plus an open heart & mind.

About Our Forest Guide:
Lui Lupo is a Human and a Healer. He is a traveler who was most recently leading Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) activities in the Pisgah National Forest. He also conducts guided meditations, animal spirit card readings, personal guidance sessions, and sound healing with a hand pan. Prior to that, he helped poets and recovered addicts express themselves via the written word as the coordinator of MadTown Poetry and the Spiritual Potluck Poetry Groups. He is a founding member of the Madison Mutual Aid Network (madisonman.coop) and the former President of the 501(c)3 non-profit makerspace/art gallery, Confluent (www.confluent.space), in Richland, WA. Long ago he studied the physical and philosophical foundations of the universe as an engineer and academic. He enjoys traveling the globe, writing, and meeting authentic human beings. To learn more, see HowToFallInLoveWithEarth.com

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I Am

I call myself a Human and a Healer. What is it I am trying to heal? The sickness of society; the love of power; the drive to destroy the planet; the soul-loss of traumatic experiences; the emotional, spiritual, and physical pain that teaches us necessary lessons but, that can be healed with Love.

Welcome to my digital presence all of you fellow nomadic intergalactic wizards of Laniakea. Here is a little bit more about the five kinds of crazy that are currently manifested in this person I am.
I’m a simple professor of the stars, and a student of the Earth. I provide Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing sessions, Personal Guidance, Handpan Sound Healing, and Animal Spirit Card Readings. Here on Earth, Love is important, and not just to humans, but for life of all forms. Even the simplest of creatures, and arguably inanimate objects, require Love to exist.
I am a shapeshifting wizard :: I am but one olive tree in grove of my ancestors :: I have the spirit of the grey wolf, the pica pica magpie, the red squirrel and the hobo spider :: I am a nomadic intergalactic delusional illusion of the space between particles that transcends gender and provides confluence :: I am a largely useless primate with a few thousand words that loves to giggle :: I am a Yellow Magnetic Seed and a Multipotentialite :: I am a bipolar tourettic with visions of just how amazing the future can be. :: I have come to realize that shining my light during these dark times is essential :: I am a skeptical romantic that becomes intoxicated with color but understands the soup of electromagnetic and gravitational vibrations interacting with synapses in the folds of an organ that creates the consciousness we experience can lead to strange and unbelievably amazing sensations of both Bliss and Pain :: I enjoy spending time with authentic human beings while we work towards creating the awesome world we all know is possible because we dream about it in our nightmares :: I am a water dancer ::
I am Human :: And I will always love you.

Arrival at the Mountain Light

Tuesday Night, June 5th
I was well greeted upon arriving at the Sanctuary. Michael Lightweaver showed me around the facilities and discussed the potential areas for me to sleep. Because it was already past 7pm, I chose to stay at the Merlinwood shelter out of convenience. The other options all required a bit of love in order to make them suitable for slumber. I showed cousin Bill around the property and saw him off before setting myself up for a nights sleep. My spirit totem was instantly at peace. I was even greeted by an enormous brown spider at least the size of a black walnut. I took that as a sign that my shadow was getting comfortable, ready to gorge on the insects of the region and keep me from getting bit! However, it still freaked me out to see such a large creature, so I gently persuaded her to the outside world. As I reflect on it now, there was a similar experience the first night of my stay at Zaiana in Gargano with Johannes. There was a large spider that greeted me that night as well. We spent time together overlooking the sea and stars.
Michael gathered the team for a staff meeting at about 8:30pm and rambled on a bit. I get the impression that Michael tends to do that 😉 haha. However, it was good to get to know Yama, Paa, Omni, and Michael. These are the faces that will be a constant throughout the summer as guests flow in and out – masculine souls to which I can stay grounded. It’s an interesting and different vibe from my last visit when Tamatha and Addison were here. The women had a potent and chaotic energy that involved lots of talking without saying much. The men bring a more grounded feeling. While Omni is certainly a talker, Yama balances him out with silence. Paa, like myself, turns it on or off at will. Communication is a tool for him, as I believe it is for Michael. Perhaps this is simply a difference between the mature and immature masculine. Both Omni and Yama are younger. Paa and I share the same amount of time on the planet and Michael is quite a bit older. Regardless, I will get to know these men during my time here.
Sidenote: I am using the term ‘Masculine’ even though this gender nomenclature feels outdated and incorrect given the genderless future I envision. However, for now, it will have to suffice. My apologies to those whom view the rhetoric of humanity in a different light, I mean no offense. As I continue writing these posts, I’m sure the concept of energetic balance will develop in alignment with my belief that each of us possess aspects of the socially constructed gender norms that make us all human being. Finding new ways to discuss such issues without resorting to age-old rhetoric is challenging. I will work towards more clearly defining my meaning. Thank you for your patience as I find my voice.

Walk the Streets

He crossed the canal at Kensie Street and enjoyed the view along the two kilometer hike from the greyhound station to the all night diner. He had hoped to find a few more spots like that during his walkabout, and as it turned out, the Chicago streets would not disappoint. Leaning against the rail he noticed he was alone amongst the millions. The reflection of city lights sparked the surface of the canal like a gunpowder art being lit. A nearby sidewalk mimicked the affect with what appeared to be glass flecks in concrete. The lights lit neurons that intoxicate the souls desire to run with the wolves and giggle with glee at a life containing so much potential energy. Even though he was connected by love to a state vector that could never collapse in the far-away sage-steppe, by the mighty Columbia river, he still wanted to dance. A three step! Preferably with a graceful creature whom isn’t afraid to be dipped deep – wetting their hair in the surface of waves where the emotions of the present moment can’t help but make you smile. The ephemeral present that will end as quickly as it begins, begging for us to chase it down again and again while wisdom dictates the truth that feelings will only come through inaction. Once again, the stillness of a peaceful mind illuminated his way forward. Life isn’t meant to be a struggle, he thought aloud. The chase had ended.

The Galen Bundy Trio

The sound drizzled across his eardrum, filling the cafe with a certain cinnamon roll gooeyness that would have fit as easily into an episode of Stranger Things as it would into a Vegas lounge in the nineteen-seventies. He envisioned three alcoholics dying slowly at the bar. However, in this reality, there were seven random midwesterners enjoying an evening of sobriety.

In unrelated thoughts, Donald Trump is Al Bundy’s hero.